Tuesday, August 12, 2008

West Michigan Real Estate Market

The real estate market in West Michigan is troubled to say the least. Property values have declined considerably.
We have developed a website (HutHound.com) to help sellers collect more of their equity, while saving buyers money. Using HutHound.com is absolutely free. When a seller posts their property without using a realtor, the seller can list their property for 3% less than the market's value. With the average realtor commission at 6%, the seller actually ends up with 3% more than had they used a realtor, while the buyer spent 3% less. This win-win situation is being called the "HutHound Way".
When a seller offers their property for 3% less, more buyers become interested. And after an offer, the seller retains more of their hard earned equity.
HutHound.com is funded by vendors that are associated with real estate transactions. The use of the vendors is not required, but the links to the vendors can help a seller and buyer with the real estate transaction.

Monday, August 4, 2008


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Sunday, August 3, 2008

The HutHound Way!

Why use HutHound.com?
The “HutHound Way” offers sellers the ability to list real estate for absolutely FREE!
HutHound is made available by vendors and advertisers. Save thousands of dollars by avoiding real estate commissions. Save even more by using HutHound.com rather than the other online real estate sites. HutHound.com offers all of this:
• List your house/property online absolutely FREE!
• Have your house/property listed on the local MLS for FREE!
• Use the brochure builder absolutely FREE!
• Download and use the real estate forms absolutely FREE!
• The service provider links – make finding and securing a provider convenient.
• Purchase a HutHound.com yard sign to help buyers find your listing.

The “HutHound Way” offers buyers a highway to locate property listings from sellers that have not had to include cost of advertising and listing in their sales price. Use HutHound.com and find sellers that didn’t pay for an online real estate listing. Stop wasting time and money on the middle man!